Bowling with Santa

This was a wonderful family oriented day at Princess Lanes in Caste Village. Sant Claus made a guest appearance where he greeted all the boys and girls asking them what they wanted for Christmas. Ho Ho Ho’s could be heard above the cracking of the pins at Princess Lanes

Bowling with Santa 2017

1991 Brought New Technology, Synthetic Lanes

Typical Bowling Lane in Princess Lanes

Princess Lanes was open to the public in 1964

Princess Lanes Grand Opening in 1964

Princess Lanes was a start of the art bowling center when opened in the early 60’s. 24 lanes of pins crashing rang out through the facility in Caste Village. People came from all around to enjoy this exciting and popular past time.


Princess Lanes expanded to a 44 lane bowling center.

This facility can accommodate 4-5 hundred 176 of them being bowlers.

Parents at Bowling Tournament in Princess Lanes